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Best Torrent Site to Download Anime | Anime Torrent

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Everyone who loves movies, animes looks for torrent sites to check out their favorite videos just for free. People think it is very complicated to find torrent sites for anime but it is not true. If you think that you are the only person who is looking for torrent anime sites; no, it is not so there are millions of people searching for it and so there are more torrent sites available for you to enjoy anime for free.

1. Nyaa

Though nyaa is considered as one of the best torrent sites now; once they have also gone through a lot of ups and downs. This site is well organised based on their categories. Organising may be based on their name, date, size and more.

Once you get into this site, you can find many direct torrent lists. You can just click on your favourite anime torrent and download it. The main highlight here the user loves is there is no need for you to create any account. Now you can understand the reason why among many anime torrents, nyaa torrent is preferred by more.

2. Subsplease

Subsplease may be created in replacement of another famous torrent site called HorribleSubs. Users who have used both the sites can understand how these sites are related. The main thing here is there are no ads in this site which can make the users more happy. Also there are many features available, even those features that are not in other torrent sites can be seen here.

3. The Pirate Bay

Before you use this site you will have to know a few things.

  • If you know only the good side of it, you should also know that this is a dangerous place. However you can avoid all those dangers just by reading the reviews by users on each content. Danger means there is a risk of being infected with malware, this risk can be reduced when you download contents by reading the reviews given.
  • Also read the guide to download the pirate bay.

4. Anime Tosho

It is one of the top and most popular sites just available for torrent lovers to download anime contents.

5. AniDex

It is a traditional website, once you open the site you can see a lot of other torrent sites that are available. Other than anime you can also enjoy tv shows, comics, games and more.

These are a few of the best anime torrent sites that are available for all anime lovers.

Warning: This is just for informational purposes; we recommend our readers not to visit any kind of torrent sites.

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