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We all are locked up inside our homes thanks to coronavirus .We have no source of entertainment except the movies and long live Netflix series .Game of thrones have been the biggest flex throughout which is popular for its storyline , people are going crazy about it no doubt . It is based on a novel “ a song of ice and fire” , the writer have sold 90 million copies so far and won over 38 Emmy awards and millions of fames in a short period of time .No matter if you haven’t watched it , you are going to love the series so far .

Now for the newbie who do not much about the game of thrones , I shall start by mentioning the index of game of thrones  first , because talking about the series in this blog will make this long as it won’t be  a justice to cut short the beautiful creation so far :

  • Episode 1 is winter is coming 
  • Episode 2 is the kings road 
  • Episode 3 is lord snow 
  • Episode 4 is cripples,bastard and broken things .
  • Episode 5 is the wolf and the lion .
  • Episode 6 being golden crown .
  • Episode 7 is you win or you die .
  • Episode 8 is the pointy end 
  • Episode 9 being the bailor 
  • Episode 10 is fire and blood .

This particular index of game of thrones comprises only 10 episodes so far .

Now since I mentioned that I cannot inculcate everything into this blog . So I shall be jumping towards the index of game season 7 , because that was a hot season and everyone loved it so far . 

  • Episode one is drag stone 
  • Episode two being stomborn
  • Episode three is the queen justice
  • Episode four is the spoil of wars 
  • Episode five is the eastwatch
  • Episode six is  beyond the wall
  • Episode seven is the dragon and the wolf .

That’s all from our end now its your turn to binge watch it .

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